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Book finally released on 28th September 2018...

At the Eve appeal with Samantha Evans and Dr Louise Newson
That's me (left) at the 'Eve Appeal' with Samantha Evans (centre) and Dr Louise Newson

My book was released on the 28th September 2018 and is getting fab reviews on Amazon so please add yours if you haven’t already. I have been incredibly nervous around everything concerning this book especially social media, but so far everyone has been incredibly kind and I have had many emails from ladies saying “ at last “ a book about this side of menopause I thought I was alone, leaving some ladies feeling sad and angry that they have felt the need to keep it a secret, some for many years.

I have also recorded a podcast with Kathryn Colas of 'Simply Hormones'' available to listen to soon. Written 4 blogs for different people, been asked to do a book signing in February, talk at a conference in April. I will be doing a video with women’s health physiotherapist Fiona Mitchell, a video with Samantha Evans on sex and menopause ( my children can’t wait for that one) also a video with a lady who suffers from lichen sclerosus, and two other recordings in London.

This book is very much needed, not just for Menopausal women but ALL women to educate and empower, and it’s especially for the medical profession. So I hope you enjoy yours and please do spread the word.

Have a good week. Jane x

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