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Print and eBook Versions Available

“An amazing piece of work. It made me smile and cry at the same time and I really feel every woman on the planet needs to read it.”

Dr Louise Newson

“If you have a vagina, know or love somebody with a vagina, you need to read this.”

Diane Danzebrink, The Menopause Counsellor

“This extraordinary, outstanding book is refreshingly candid and one of a kind. It is the sort of book you will buy extra copies of, to give to your daughters, your sisters and your friends.” 

Julie Bennett, Educational Author 

“I would recommend it to everyone.” 

Amanda Tozer, Consultant Gynaecologist 

“I love the book and already have patients and friends in mind that I can recommend it to.” 

Fiona Mitchell,  Women’s Health Physiotherapist

“Absolutely love it! Such an honest and informative read, smashing the taboo surrounding the conversation about our vaginas.”

Sam Evans, Sexual Health Expert

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